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About Mann Family Farm

What you’ll find on Mann Family Farm

We bring you the best in do-it-yourself beauty – from natural skin care tips to beauty boosting recipes – to help you glow from the inside out.

Our mission is to give you the ideas, inspiration and tools – the secret weapons we’ve discovered through trial and error – to help you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. We want you to feel the same way you do after a day at the spa: relaxed, inspired, at peace. Glowing.

The Mann Family Farm Team

Mann Family Farm started with just me, testing and writing recipes every spare minute of the day! As Mann Family Farm grew, we brought in amazing women to share their expertise in nutrition, fitness and beauty.

The team behind Mann Family Farm is dedicated to providing up-to-date practical information and resources for women. These resources are fact-checked by our editorial team and reviewed by our medical advisors for accuracy.

Michelle Lewis, Founder

I started Mann Family Farm in 2013 to give me a place to learn and share about the world of natural beauty I had recently discovered. As I got the hang of taking care of my body inside and out, I fell in love with do-it-yourself skin care and beauty-boosting recipes.

Along the way, Mann Family Farm became a community of natural beauty lovers. You guys are amazing!

Medical Reviewers

We work with an amazing group of medical experts who review our wellness-related articles for medical accuracy.

Mann Family Farm Editorial Guidelines

Mannfamilyfarm.com adheres to strict editorial guidelines and every post is reviewed for accuracy by our editorial and medical review team as part of our commitment to quality, accurate information online. Hundreds of thousands of readers each month trust Mannfamilyfarm.com as their online destination for natural beauty.